Turtle Doves returned in 2016

Wonderful news, 2016 again saw some Turtle Doves back and purring! We are hoping they will return in 2017 and have an acre of Turtle Dove seed mix. Did you know that we are one of the few places in the British Isles where you can still see and hear Turtle Doves.

Buzzards around Palace Farm

Buzzards are still here, on warmer sunny days they can be seen or heard with their distinctive mewing call. Come and watch their graceful flight, at low level they look huge! A good place to watch birds is on The Isle of Sheppey at the Elmley National Nature Reserve, just a short drive from Palace […]

Tawny Owls are still very vocal

Tawny Owls are still very vocal. Around dusk they usually wake up and start calling to their family, these are really wonderful calls, not just the Toowhit Toohoo, but a wide range of quieter more plaintive and slightly squeaky calls some sounding to me like those party whistles that uncoil as you blow into them. […]

Little Owls

Our little Owls are still around, we didn’t see much of them last summer, but we have realised that the tree they nested in has fallen over, In September 2015 I took delivery of two Little Owl nest boxes and within days of putting them in their place they were visited by an owl. Another […]